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Sweet Plans for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever

Sweet Plans for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever

posted: 2024-02-06 14:00:00 +0800

You still feel her admiring look when big rose bouquets past by on the street last Valentines Day. Popular restaurants were fully reserved so you could not enjoy the romantic night there as planned. The cheesy and boring valentines gift you picked seemed frivolous and it failed to please your loved one. Married couples missed the opportunity to express love or urgent work arrangements got in and disturbed your Valentine's Day plan. The previous Valentine's Day didnt go so perfect for certain reasons. In the upcoming Valentine's Day, you could make it up to her. if you really want to create surprise and plan the most perfect day ever for your significant other half, as your personal Cupid, we have some useful tips to help you perform romance charm and heat up your relationship.


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Absolute Romantic Valentines Day Plan Step 1: Show your love with Flowers and Gifts

Sending flowers, gifts and then arrange a romantic date may sound too classic. But we responsibly tell you that the tradition celebration of Valentines Day really works. Even when Valentine's Day is a work day, romance and joy start from the moment she receives the gifts. Men titled not so good at expressing love with words and havent performed enough love move could kindly reference our Valentines Day gift selection for this year, it might be the real Valentines Day saver.


The Brightest and Proudest Roses Represent my Intense love for you, I Will Always Fall for you.

Men send flowers every year on Valentine's Day, but they may not understand why  rose bouquet means so much to a woman. Women are naturally more sensitive, they pay attention to details, meanwhile they usually feel insecure. Every woman hopes to be loved and keep the sweet relationship forever as they first met when days were filled with surprise, passion and tolerance. When two people are crazily in love, the woman has all the attention of a man. The man carefully remembers her likes and dislikes, he never gets tired of getting her the most beautiful flowers and surprise gifts, he never stops making her happy. A rose bouquet sent every year represents the consistency and care of a man, symbol of lasting love gives her confidence about their relationship. Woman feels love in every detail of life, she wouldnt need to repeatedly ask: Does he still loves me ? Why every woman gets roses but I dont? 


East Meets West Limited Edition Purple Roses Flower Bouquet


Among all kinds of flowers aquatic and planted with soil, peony and rose are the proudest kinds. The pride of rose is from unconditional favor, while the pride of peony comes form its excellence and charm which makes her deserve all the love. In this floral arrangement we use South American roses which travelled across the ocean and mountains and the big peonies which amazed the entire ancient capital of China to present the perfect match. As this Valentine's Day coincides with the Chinese New Year holiday, joy continues, so that in this top style East Meets West,  we incorporates Eastern style decoration, such as the golden hollow-carvings plate and accessories in the European floral design, blending in Western romance and Eastern elegance. Upon flower material selection, rare South American purple roses, South American white roses and rare big pink peonies are used as the main flowers, supported by light purple lisianthus. And pink small roses add a sense of delicate and cuteness to the elegant style.


Love Wish Unicorn


Unicorns are sacred creatures in Western mythology and fairy tales, they resemble white horses but with spiral horns on their heads. Some unicorns have wings. The typical colors of unicorns include gradually changing pink&purple&blue, aqua blue, and rainbow color. Unicorn represents true love, loyalty, the one-and-only, and guardian of everlasting love. Legend has it that unicorn can fulfill all your wishes. In the style of Love Wish Unicorn bouquet, to set a dreamy and childlike basic tone, we use South American roses and Anthurium of gradually changing color from pink and purple to light blue, applying the trendy Korean coloring craftmanship. Light purple and blue hydrangea, light blue tweedia, ivory astilbe, and green thlaspi to complete the color pallet. This bouquet means with the unconditional love and care, the woman can always be the spoiled kid.


Surprise VS. Frank Joy: A Great Gift Should Show Sincerity and Care

We know, surprise makes women happy, but sometime its the mans loving action and care that touch the woman. The sender of a surprise gift matters and what how man acts on Valentines Day matters. Upon choosing the Valentines Day gift, pay a little more attention and you will know what your girlfriend or wife likes and dislikes, what she always carries in the bag and what is her favorite brand. And dont ever underestimate the importance to show your heart on this romantic day by choosing the unique and fine gifts and package it nicely. Whether receiving gifts in the office, at home, or in a restaurant, the woman feels happy and gains envy of others. Satisfying her little vanity is not a crime.


Full House Valentine's Day Gift Box with Rose Handbasket

You can have both romance and reliability in this style full house. Big and hot-red South American roses symbolizing intense love, a cute Agnes B bunny with a star jewelry box which can use for keeping jewelries and office stationery, key chain of enchanted preserved rose, premium Godiva chocolate and brand aromatherapy skincare products to nourish the her tender hands, gifts all displays in the transparent Korean-style gift case. Romance can last long, every time she uses the skincare products, the day will be infused with sweet love.


Hallmark Love Bear Gift Set

Action shows love better than only words, if you want are looking for surprise gift, you can choose this Hallmark Love Bear,chocolate and body care gift Set, which is an ideal carry-on gift. You show the small, chubby and fluffy bear when you pick her up after work, before the candlelight dinner, or place it at the center of the hotel room. The super cute teddy bear holds an entire heart of its size, it makes every girl scream about it. Giving teddy bear on Valentine's Day means guardian and protection, and the little bear will always accompany her for you.


Violet No.7 Low Alcohol Beauty Wine

Violet No. 7 Beauty wine is especially suitable for women. It is the world's first low alcohol violet wine, plant-based botanicals inject a graceful violet aroma into the wine, it gives silky smooth mouth feel with special and delicate tannins. It is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins and resveratrol, allowing women to enjoy a slightly tipsy pleasure without feeling the discomfort of being drunk and improve the radiance of skin. The light violet transparent bottle creates vibe of elegance, relaxation and romance, combining both good looking and inner beauty just like Miss Hong Kong. The most photogenic, elegant, and confident goddess of yours deserves this treat.


Absolute Romantic Valentines Day Plan Step 2: Capture Her Heart with Romantic Food

Being good to someone include often buying gifts for her, sharing delicious food, making her laugh, being with her and protecting her. Love movie ”The Lion Roars” line says “From now on, you only love her, spoil her and never ever deceive her.I supposed to bond with people through food applies to both women and men. To make romance, couple set meal at the trendy restaurant will do, delicate cuisine at a comfortable star restaurant will also do. You could take photos of you two celebrating the romantic day. You could always try something different, for example by downloading her favorite recipe you cook the dinner of love for her spending an entire evening. Or maybe you cook together, bake cookies, cake and make chocolate, make the food on your first date. You cook and she does the side works, which make a romantic and warm evening. If love is the cause of extra fat, luckily youve got a partner to put on weight together.


Absolute Romantic Valentines Day Plan Step 3: Elaborate Plan Makes a Considerate Man 

Every princess has her unique definition of romance, and its something only the boyfriend or husband knows. If an ordinary dinner is not special enough to impress her, think out of the box and embrace a little adventure. Here we have fifteen activity ideas to spend a more romantic Valentine Day:

1. Dinner at the Black Pearl restaurant and vacation at a luxurious sea view hotel

2. Watch a romantic movie at a home theater

3. Camping and greet the sunrise at the mountaintop

4. Sightseeing at the surrounding cities of the Greater Bay Area

5. Celebrating Valentine's Day in a theme park

6. Enjoy a Couple Spa

7. Experience Valentine's Day on a yacht

8. Movie character role play

9. Go shopping and promenading in couple suit

10. Participate in Pilates and other couple activities with your love one

11. Deep diving in the ocean

12. Learn to play an musical instrument and play a love song

13. Reproduce your first date

14. Make a decision to keep a pet together

15. Sign up for a skill class and study with your love one


Absolute Romantic Valentine’s Day Plan Step 4: Create Romantic Memory With Creative Exclusive Love Symbol

Have you ever considered making an exclusive couple symbol, such as the couple hand prints, couple doll car decorations, handmade candy with couple image, pottery, upcycling handmade soap and shopping bags, time capsules and the couple tattoos, you could record the day and make a Vlog. Spending more time with each other, you become increasingly dependent on each other. Make a video of the crazy move you ever did for him/her and add another couple photo to your exclusive album, refreshing the love memory. The term "KPI of Love" recently emerged, in which couples work together to constitute lifestyle norms and plans. Writing down your expectations of yourself and the shortcoming you strive to make change for your love one is a very considerate and romantic move. A law expert Coeng Law once said, "Love is not a momentary emotion, but a constant commitment, mutual sacrifice, support and respect." Good love make the couple young.


Give Gift Boutique Six Cupid Service for Valentine's Day Meets all your Romantic Attempts

1. All Valentine's Day bouquets and gifts will be delivered within business hours. Even on work day, your love one can emerge in the holiday excitement and romance earlier.

2. We carefully log your gift purchase history, allowing you to check your love's favorite gift categories, to recall unforgettable surprise gifts and anniversary gifts in a timely manner, navigating you to your the right gift and your partner's heart .

3. Gift card service. When you confess your love or express your love but find it a bit embarrassing to speak out certain words, you could write them down and let us have the sincere love well delivered.

4. All our bouquets are made with fresh flowers and we guarantee to use genuine South American imported roses. Each bouquet is highly similar to the design and carefully crafted by our professional florists. We offer a number of styles and keep up with fashion and trends flora design. Each year, we launch new flower design based on different themes and crossover collaboration, providing you new and classy option every year.

5. Our website offers a wide range of gift categories, including flower bouquet, premium chocolate, bear and doll, quality wine, brand skincare product and trendy -brand product. You can get various romantic gifts combination at one stop.

6. We established our own logistic team and can manage delivery to 18 districts in Hong Kong, offering to-door delivery service to office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and residence, allowing you to perform charm of romance anywhere.


Its said that true love can withstand time and true love conquers all. Give Gift Boutique preserve your every unforgettable love moments and witness your love promise. The entire city celebrates Valentines Day, the holiday spirit influence everyone. If you have a crush on someone, send her gift of love and ask her on a date on Valentines Day, maybe she is also expecting your confession of love.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Sweet Plans for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever' blogpost.
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