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Romantic Quotes for Valentine's Day GGB Express Your Deep Love with Art of Speech

Romantic Quotes for Valentine's Day GGB Express Your Deep Love with Art of Speech

posted: 2023-01-19 23:20:00 +0800

The romantic mood of Valentine's Day fills the air with pink bubbles. Besides romantic gifts and celebration arrangements, adding a little art of speech can create extra sense of romance to your date. GGB has collected several touching quotes from classic movies, popular music and from well-known literature to express your deep love to your special one, girl friend, and wife.

Quotes of Enthusiastic and Everlasting Love

1.To grow old with you and enjoy slow and wonderful life together is all I want - Music "Slow Love" by Karen Mok

2.For the rest of my life, I hope to experience every winter snow, spring blossom and autumn rain with you. You’re the only apple of my eyes. Music "The rest of my life"

3.We will walk through this path of love holding hands ,you are the most precious to me.-Music "You’re the Most Precious" by Jacky Cheung&Francesca Kao

4. Our love conquers all and keeps us young. -Music "Because of Love" by Eason Chan&Faye Wong

5. I love you today and will continue to love you for the rest of my life.

6. Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights in one's hand. It’s about having each tiny wish come true, or having something to eat when you are hungry or having someone's love when you need love. -Movie "Up"

Valentine's Pink rose florist gift

Profound and Subtle Expression of Romance

1.I love three things in the whole wide world, the sun, the moon, and you, sun for morning, moon for night, and you forever.—Movie "Twilight"

2.There’s no gravity away from you. Our daily trivia makes wonderful stories.

3.I am happy all day because I have you.

4.The world treats me well and gently since the moment I met you.

5. You give me courage. - Movie “Howl's Moving Castle”

6. From the words of the poet men take what meanings please them; yet their last meaning points to thee.--- "Gitanjali (Song Offerings)" Tagore

Phrases Saying You Mean More Than Friends

1.If you may listen I'm willing to sing myself hoarse in the corner just for you even if it’s too loud. I like you and I hope you feel it too. Music "Please allow me to talk" by Eason Chan

2. It's true that I dream about you all the time. - Movie “The Infernal Affairs”.

3. I want to become a better person because of you. I hope you will be there every day.

4. I want to be the book by your pillow, the cat in your arms, and the one of your heart.

5. Look in somebody’s eyes to light up the skies. - Movie "La La Land"

6. Time and journey without you mean nothing to me. - Movie “Green Book”

7. You are the gentle breeze in the field, the warm spring through the mountains and the starry ocean I admire. “Passing by the whole world of yours” by Cheung Kaikai

8. The flowers are beautiful, I think you will like them.

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Sweet Love Confession to Your Dear Girlfriend

1. I will always be loyal to you and work hard for my dream and our future.

2. I will be with you, this year, the next year and years after.

3. I'm such a fool, so clumsy and careless. I know I often make you mad,  but I really just want you to be happy.

4. Thank you for waiting for me to find you.

5. I love you very much, only you, more than I used to, more than you think that I do.

6. From now on, I will only care about you, spoil you to the moon, and never lie to you. I will keep every promise and word I say to you. I won’t make you angry or blame you. I will always trust you. If someone disrespect you, I will protect you immediately. -Movie "Mutual Affection"

Valentine's Red rose florist gift

Express Love and Gratitude to Your Beloved Wife

1.Thank you for being tolerant and patient.

2. Thank you for holding my hand and being my wife, so that I can have our own family; Thank you for giving me lovely and cute children to continue our lives.

3. We went through a lot in the past 3 decades of our marriage. You have always been my meaning and source of motive. We will continue our love for 40, 50 , 60 years and more.

4. There is not only love but also friendship between us. Wish my best friend and sweetheart a happy Valentine's Day, youth and beauty.

5. I will travel with you from the south to the north.

6.You complete me.-Movie “Jerry Maguire”

Catching a woman by surprise and confess your love is quit adventurous though it seems bald and romantic in the mean time. The woman ambushed may feel stressful, especially when your relation is not very affirmative, your reckless move may cost you your friendship, much less to mention the awkwardness caused. Sending valentines flowers, chocolate and gifts is a safer way to confirm her thoughts, if the woman respond to you, congratulations then, you can take your relation to the next step. GGB elaborately selected romantic gifts, flower bouquets and delicate chocolate for Valentine’s Day to deliver your love and admiration to your special one, girl friend and wife. We wish you sweet love and perfect romance. We hope all love gets response and people meant for each other get together.

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