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Tea Culture Around the World

Tea Culture Around the World

posted: 2021-10-09 13:10:00 +0800

Great gourmet food is never complete without the pairing of good beverages. According to the statistics, coffee, tea, and cocoa are ranked the top three beverages that are enjoyed by people. Among these three, today we are shining our spotlight on tea!

Tea as the Worldly Popular Beverage

Ranked after water, statistics show that tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage around the globe. To put it in another way, about half of the earth’s population enjoy at least a cup of tea every single day. Both the production and consumption of tea are having a steadily growing trend. In 2020, around 600 thousand gallons of tea leaves are being produced!

Twinings 4 Compartment Box with Teabags

The reason why tea gains such popularity is countless. But one of the most significant ones must be its benefits to one’s wellbeing. The Chinese poet Su Shi once wrote that tea is even more effective than any magic potion when one is trying to stay healthy. The health benefit of different tea varies according to their fermentation. It is advised to pick the right tea according to the health effects you want to attain:

●Green Tea: To refresh the brain, soothe the throat, detox, and reduce heat trapped in the body.

●White Tea: Detox and reduce heat trapped in the body, soothe the throat, refresh the brain, whiten the complexion.

●Red Tea: Warm the body and boost blood circulation, warm up the stomach, ease diarrhea symptoms, eliminate excess humidity in the body, brighten the eye, comfort the tummy.

●Black Tea: Good to the stomach, eliminate grease in food, good for post alcohol.

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Tea Culture Around the World


Turkey is the record holder for being the largest consumer of tea! In Turkey, people are particularly fond of red tea. They will brew the tea with a 2-layer teapot, where they put the leaves on the upper level and the water on the lower level. After pouring boiling water into the pot, a nice pot of fish red tea is done! Turkish will enjoy their tea in a tulip-shaped cup and adjust their tea with only water or cube sugar.

2. Morocco