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The Ultimate Guide to Grand Opening Flower Stands

The Ultimate Guide to Grand Opening Flower Stands

posted: 2022-02-23 15:30:00 +0800

It’s common to send Congratulatory Flower Stands when friends, clients and business partners are opening a new store, restaurant, law office, clinic or tutoring agency for congratulations in Hong Kong. They are decent gifts for such normal situations. In addition, people also send flower stands for other occasions like business meetings, office relocation, festivals, art exhibitions and so on.

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Quantity and Timing

In China, it’s better to have even numbers in life, so two flower stands would be nice and six and eight mean good luck in Chinese too. However, if there will be a lot of flower stands, one with delicate design can be good enough. Also, flower stands should be sent before the opening.

Shape and Design

There are so many shapes for grand opening flower stands, such as sector, radial, ellipse, and the creative “L” and crescent. The choice of shape, size and style should be based on the owner’s preference and the surroundings. With many years of experience, our florists are able to design exclusive flower stands for different circumstances and GGB also provides over a hundred of grand opening flower stands for any occasions.

Grand Opening Basket Stands


Generally speaking, red and purple are the most popular colors for festive occasions, and yellow and green are creative too as they represent vitality and energy. Grand opening flower stands are always colorful to creative festive atmospheres. However, if the owner prefer simple colors or the design of the store is tasteful and restrained, flower stand in light colors with layers can a nice choice.


Ordinarily, opening flower stands are made of only fresh flowers while dried flowers and preserved flowers can be used for long-time decorations in offices, shopping malls or at home.

- Lily

Lilies are well known for their intoxicating fragrance and stunning rainbow range of riotous colors. As a symbol of wealth and honor, lily is one of the most popular flowers.

- Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchid is called the “Four Gentlemen” with plum, bamboo and chrysanthemum in China. With the reputation of “Queen of Cattleya”, phalaenopsis orchid is famous because it looks just like a dancing butterfly and is one of the most popular species of all. Additionally, yellow phalaenopsis orchid represents prosperity and red and purple phalaenopsis orchid represents good reputation.

- Gerbera Daisy (Sunflower)

The flower language of gerbera daisy is passionate, stay positive and keep fighting without fears. And the bright and vivid color of gerbera daisy makes it popular for flower stands.

Commercial florist stand

- Hydrangea

With a large range of colors, hydrangeas are usually seen in garden landscapes and many lively situations as a symbol of happiness. And the flowering period of hydrangea is from June to August every year.

- Anthurium

Anthurium can bloom year-round, which makes it a good sign of prosperity. Besides, being able to absorb and purify harmful substances in the air, anthurium is not only beautiful but also useful as in a opening flower stand.

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Blessing Messages

Wish you all the success!

Sending you my sincerest wishes!

Best wishes for your grand opening!

Heartiest congratulations on your opening!

Congratulations on grand opening/relocation!

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