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Healthy Food Brand- HERBS

Healthy Food Brand- HERBS

by Janus
posted: 2018-05-10 11:05:05 +0800

Hong Kong gifts expert Give Gift Boutique highly recommend to everybody a Hong Kong local health care product brand-HERBS. This brand was founded in 1998, but it has won many awards already which help HERBS to establish the leading position in the health food market. The herbal products are in high quality because HERBS chose effective ingredients around the world to produce the healthy food.

Herbs has many healthy food products, and two of their hero products are Herbs Tuberaceae Cordyceps Mycelia and Herbs Wall-Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spores. These distinguished gifts are perfect for personal use and to send gifts to others, they are now available in Give Gift Boutique online store. Besides, GGB also creates a unique customized gift hamper using the best-selling Herbs products together with the floral arrangements. This gift basket has become one of the best healthy food product gifts in Hong Kong.

The health gift basket Z is the combination of pink Hyacinth, white Cymbidium, pink Rose, pink Eustoma, white Dianthus, peach pink Peony, pink Chamomile, light purple Forget-me-not and Tuberaceae Cordyceps Mycelia from Herbs. It’s not only a pretty gift for the recipients, but also a gift that can keep them healthy. The hero product Tuberaceae Cordyceps Mycelia can help to relieve sensitive nose and irritated throat as well as strengthening liver to enhance absorbance- quite suitable for those who have allergic rhinitis, always feel dizzy and are concerned about upper respiratory health. It is also a heartwarming Mother’s Day gift to mums and a get-well-soon gift for friends and families who are recovering.

If you want any gift ideas, please go to Give Gift Boutique website for more information of the beautiful and practical gift hampers/baskets. We will get in touch with you ASAP after you place the order online.



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