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City of Flower- Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

City of Flower- Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

by Julie
posted: 2018-07-31 16:54:36 +0800

Yuexiu District is a district in Guangzhou; it has been playing an important role in Guangzhou since ancient times. It was the base of Cantonese culture development; the commercial center and the administration center of Guangzhou in the old days. These unique elements make Yuexiu District an irreplaceable district in Guangzhou.

Yuexiu District is located in the central axis of Guangzhou; it lies to the east of Guangzhou Avenue near Tianhe District; to the south of Pearl River facing Haizhu District; to the west of Renmin Road next to Liwan District; and to the north of Baiyun Mountain beside Baiyun District. Yuexiu District covers the total area of 33.80 square kilometers, and it is the district with the highest population density among the 13 municipal districts in Guangzhou. What’s more, Dongshan District merged with Yuexiu District and became one district in 2005. The popular saying at the time “Gentleman in Dongshan and lady in Xiguan” well illustrated the distinctive features of Yuexiu District. Nowadays, the existing western style buildings in Dongshan are worthy visiting. With the abundant resources, Yuexiu District is able to discover and remain the historic heritage of the “Beijing Road Ancient Avenue” with thousands of year’s of history. All in all, Yuexiu District is not only suitable for living, but also a good place for commercial business tradings.