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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Water
posted: 2020-05-06 15:00:00 +0800

Mother's Day presents a good gifting opportunity for us to thank our mothers for her lifelong devotion.


But you might be afraid that your gift would not suit your mother’s taste, as tastes often vary from person to person?


Or you might be afraid that your mom would say it's a waste of money, though sometimes she just doesn’t speak from her heart?


Also, you might be afraid that your gift wouldn’t be practical enough for your mom?


Don’t worry! Give Gift Boutique, a gift shop in Hong Kong with years of experience in gift-giving, has compiled a list of Mother's Day gift recommendations for you!


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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day gift ideas

Nowadays, there have been many popular Mother's Day gifts, including jewellery, apparel, 3C products, small appliances, or just accompanying mommies to enjoy big meals, do spa, or take a trip. These are nice Mother’s Day gift ideas, but as we have celebrated many Mother’s Days in Hong Kong, we have also handpicked three recommendations for classic Mother's Day gifts.

Top 3: Skincare product - hand cream

After years of taking care of the family and dealing with household chores, your mom’s face and hands may have shown various skin ageing problems as the years go by.

Sending her moisturizing cream, hand cream, or other moisturizing products could not be more thoughtful to give her a happy Mother’s Day. As hand cream among all skincare products is the most widely used, and it’s portable, compact and suitable to be placed either inside a handbag or in the corner of the office or home, hand cream makes a thoughtful and practical gift for Mother's Day.

Classic hand cream brand Crabtree & Evelyn

Its moisturizing effect is good with quick skin absorption, and the cream’s classic fragrance is also very pleasing (who doesn’t want others to smell the pleasant fragrance on the body?)

Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream

Royal rose hand cream Jurlique

It has extracts of Australian organic rose essential oil and features a light rose fragrance and soft texture. The cream also contains natural plant extracts, which can effectively soothe and moisturize the skin.

Jurlique hand cream

Top 2: Gift basket - hamper

Reasons why hampers are on the list: personalized customization, exquisite packaging, special gift items, and flexible product combination of whether cosmetics or decompression supplies, high-end imported snacks or beauty foods, all of which can be taken in a Mother’s Day basket. Moreover, you can choose gift items according to your budget, which offers a lot of flexibility in purchasing gifts for your mom.

Mother's Day Gift Hamper

Top 1: Mother's Day flowers

Bouquets naturally appeal to women, as most women feel they’re just as gentle and beautiful as flowers. Gifting flowers on Mother's Day is never as dull and wasteful as you might think, because beautiful things are invaluable. Flowers prove a classic gift for Mother's Day!


The most preferred Mother's Day flower – Carnation

Mother's Day Carnation


When talking of gifting flowers on Mother's Day, carnations often occur to most people. So, on Mother's Day, many flower shops will promote bouquets containing carnations.

But why do people prefer carnations on Mother's Day? Why do they send white carnations?

Have you ever wondered why carnations are the flowers that represent Mother's Day? This can be traced back to the origin of Mother's Day.

Mother's Day story(it's a bit long, but it’s very touching.)

Ann and her husband had many children after marriage, but because of the very poor sanitary conditions at the time, eventually, only 4 children survived to grow up. Ann, who experienced the pain of bereavement, organized a community "Mother's Day Work Clubs" in Virginia, USA, to help improve the health conditions of the community, reduce infant and child mortality, and fund families in need; during the Civil War, she joined the medical team to provide medical assistance to soldiers on both sides. Ann ’s life had a great influence on her daughter Anna. After Ann ’s death, Anna decided to hold a memorial servhice for her mother and at the same time felt inspired to make the second Sunday in May a statutory holiday for Mother ’s Day, to promote the image of contemporary women as a mother and her importance to the family.

(White carnation)

White carnation

At the first public memorial service for Ann, Anna sent white carnations to the 500 participants who attended the event to thank them for their support. That’s why carnation is the representative flower of Mother's Day.

Today, flowers for Mother's Day are not limited to carnation. Other flower varieties are also suitable for mothers because of the flower’s meaning or their popularity.

Mother's Day flower bouquets



Because of its glamour and characteristic aroma, rose is symbolic of love and romanticism, also an embodiment of beauty and love. They are flowers widely popular. Gifting a rose bouquet for Mother's Day is quite a good choice.

Mother's Day Rose bouquet


Elegant and pure, lily is known as the "Flower of the Virgin Mary". Meanwhile, lily implies thankfulness and good wishes and can be given to mothers for their selfless dedication to the family.

Mother's Day Lily bouquet


Peony is called the "King of Flowers" for its bright colour and full bloom. Peonies are usually the focus of a bouquet. As peonies stand for elegance and gracefulness, they are also suited for a Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Peony bouquet


Orchid, known as the "Gentleman in Flowers", is graceful, elegant and noble, and makes a perfect comparison to mothers’ good grace.