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Angie Chiu’s Flower Décor

Angie Chiu’s Flower Décor

posted: 2021-02-02 10:00:00 +0800

Hong Kong movie star Angie Chiu, best known for starring the TVB series?The Bund, recently celebrated her 66th birthday (November 15th) at her home. She posted a few vibrant and youthful photos of herself in front of some her stunning flower arrangements with the caption, “Fresh flowers with good food, nice scenery with good friends". Fans were quick to note her lavish home and stylish flowers, commenting on the chandeliers, interior design, and its palace-like appearance.

Want to make your home look and feel a bit like Angie Chiu’s? Chui’s selection of flowers are popular choices for home décor and are easily accessible at any florist. Chui has decorated her home with a variety of beautiful flowers such as orchids, tulips, roses, and peonies.


Angie Chiu seems to have a serious love for orchids but that’s no big surprise. Orchids are stunning flowers with a long history of adoration. Orchids come in a wide array of vibrant colour combinations and have been cultivated and revered in China and Chinese culture for 3000 years. In Chinese culture, the orchid is associated with prosperity, abundance, and career success, which is often why the orchid adorns so many Chinese homes and businesses. If you’re hoping to snag some of Angie’s luck with her orchid-look check out this auspicious arrangement of orchids for your home or business.

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Like the orchid, peonies are intertwined in Chinese culture. Peonies are known as the “Queen of Flowers” and are the unofficial flower of China. Peonies have a variety of symbolic meanings, from prosperity, honour, romance, and beauty. Peonies are often used at weddings for their symbolism, but their big and beautiful blooms are also a great choice for flower décor. Angie poses with peonies in two of her posted photos, looking as youthful, beautiful, and fresh as the flower itself.  Feel as fresh as Angie with this stunning peony arrangement.

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Image from AngieChiu's Weibo


Tulips are a fresh spring flower that comes in a variety of colours and combinations with a light fragrance. Tulips have a wealth of meanings and associated symbolism from love, devotion, happiness, rebirth and much more. Tulips are very hardy as cut flowers and pair with a wide variety of other flowers. Angie Chiu has paired her tulips with orchids of similar colours in her home.

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The rose is the most familiar and common type of cut flower and that’s for a good reason. Roses are immensely fragrant and stunning to look at. They’re versatile and come in a huge range of types, species, and colours. Angie Chiu appears to be flaunting a rose variation in her photos in auspicious yellow and red colours. Red roses are also the traditional symbol of love and devotion while yellow roses indicate happiness, joy, and feelings of warmth. This flower arrangement features small roses in combination with amaryllis, carnations and matching greens.