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Chinese Valentine's Day- Romantic Gifts from Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique

Chinese Valentine's Day- Romantic Gifts from Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique

by Julie
posted: 2018-08-09 13:20:00 +0800

Double Seventh Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day) is coming soon; Give Gift boutique has prepared some romantic gifts for you to send to your special someone, to express your love on this day.

Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, is one of the traditional festivals in China. The festival originated from the romantic legend of two lovers, Niulang and Zhinü. Double Seventh Festival has the meaning of prasing love and loyalty; most people nowadays regard the Qixi Festival as the Chinese Valentine's Day. On the day of the Chinese Valentine's Day, some people have no idea what gift to send to celebrate the Valentine's Day. What kind of Valentine's Day gift is the most special? What gift is best for Valentine’s Day? Give Gift Boutique has the answers for you regarding flower gifts and other romantic gifts.

Sending flower is a must-do activity on Valentine's Day, but it’s not always easy to send the right flowers to the right person. There are many factors that will influence your choice of the floral gifts, for example, the type of flowers, the number of flowers, the color of flowers and the meaning of flowers. If someone accidentally sends a bunch of inappropriate flower bouquet to a woman, it could turn into a disaster. Therefore, for those who don't want to make the same mistake, the following article can help you.

No.1 The variety of flowers for Chinese Valentine's Day

When a man doesn't know what kind of flowers to send to the special someone, sending roses is a safe option as rose bouquets are normally the best-selling flowers on Valentine's Day. Some people might think that sending roses is a bit boring as everybody seems to send rose flower gifts on this particular day. Indeed, rose gifts are the best gift choice for the ones who have little or no experience sending floral gifts. If you don’t feel like sending rose gifts, other flowers like tulips, lilies, hydrangea, and sunflowers are worth considering. If you want send a more impressive gift, Give Gift boutique strongly recommends to you our preserved flower gift collection. The preserved flower means that your love will never fade. It also echoes with the theme of the Chinese Valentine's Day which Niu Lang and Zhi Nu have thousands of year’s loyal love. The overall style of the preserved flower gifts can be more sophisticated and refined, and the preserved flower can be stored for up to3-5 years under the right conditions. Send a preserved flower gift to your beloved ones on Valentine's Day to express a life-long promise.

No.2 The number of flowers

1: You are my only, love at first sight

2: The world only has me and you, heart by heart

3: I love you

4: Vows, promises

5: No regrets

6: Good luck, forever

7: I wish you luck and blessings

8: Apologies, please forgive me

9: Forever in love with you

10: Perfect love

11: Favorite

12: Perfect combination, marriage proposal, love for you

13: Secret Love

15: I am very sorry for you.

17: Let's get together and let our love stop here.

18: Incomparable sincerity

19: Unlimited expectation

20: Two emotions, one life, one love forever

99: Intimate love and long-lasting

100: 100% love, a hundred years of good

101: You are my only love

111: Endless love

999: My love for you is endless, love you till I die

1001: One heart and one heart, one's favorite, the only love, until death

The boys who send flowers to their girlfriends should pay attention to it. Don't send the wrong number of flowers!

No.3 Colors and the languages of flowers

Rose: The flower language of red rose flower is madly in love with you; the flower meaning of purple rose is melancholy, noble, romantic and precious love; the language of white rose flower is pure love; warm and sweet first love is the flower language of pink rose; The blue rose is also known as the blue enchantress with the flower language of pure love. The meaning of champagne rose is the greatest happiness in my life. We wouldn’t recommend you to send yellow roses and black roses on Valentine's Day, as yellow roses have the meaning of breaking up while black roses have the meaning of love affair.

Most colors of the tulips symbolize good and happiness except yellow tulips The flower language of yellow tulips is hopeless love, and the flower language of white tulips is broke up, lost love.

Give Gift Boutique Chinese Valentine's Day flower recommendation Top10:

Bouquet Flowers Series:

1. For You Only (99 Rose Bouquet)

2. Only You (99 Rose Bouquet)

3. Flower bouquet 22

4. Athena Bouquet

5. 5. Pink Sun Bouquet

Preserved flower series:

6. Refreshing preserved flower bouquet M64

7. Sparkling & Everlasting Preserved Flower Box M8

8. Love and Fantasy Flower Box M53

9. Honey Bear Preserved Flower M43

10. Deer in the wonderland M17

For more Chinese Valentine’s day flower gifts, please visit HK GGB website.

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