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Designer Hamper Collection for Dragon Boat Festival That you Couldn’t Miss

Designer Hamper Collection for Dragon Boat Festival That you Couldn’t Miss

posted: 2023-06-13 22:00:00 +0800

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the important traditional festivals in Hong kong, at which people shares Zongzi and give gifts to their close ones. Festivals are considered opportunities to build business connection, it’s important to prepare gifts for business partners, clients and employees and send your best regards of the festivals. If you are looking for the appropriate gifts, Give Gift Boutique gift guidance for Dragon Boat Festival may give you some hints.

Traditional Gifts for Dragon Boat Festival

Calamus Fan and Fragrant Sachet

Dragon Boat Festival usually falls around the summer solstice. The temperature continues to rise, so that a calamus fan was such a popular Dragon-Boat-Festival gift for ancient people that almost everyone had one to cool down and repel the bugs. The emperor of Tang dynasty awarded two folding fans with his caligraphy artwork on it to two important officials, Sun Wuji and Yang Shidao, as an affirmation to their integrity and great government. Since then, the tradition of giving calamus fan as a gift at Dragon Boat Festival is formed. People who received the calamus fans gift are respected for their benevolence and virtue. A fragrant sachet was made of brocade with embroidery pattern, later people also made it in the shape of a Zongzi with clothes. Fragrances such as dried flowers, wormwood, acorus gramineus are wrapped inside the sachet. Ancient people could also put in herbs such as angelica dahurica, sandalwood and cinnamon. Sachets are given to bless for health. In the ancient times, people placed sachets in their clothes or hung it under the calamus fan so that the pleasant scent will surround them. It’s fun tradition to hang a sachets inside cars as indoor fragrance.

Knitted Cord With 5 Color of String

At Dragon Boat Festival, parents put a the knitted cord around their children’s wrist, in order to pray for protection and longevity for their children. Five colors were used, including teal, white, red, black and yellow. The five colors respectively symbolizes the five elements and five directions, providing protection from every aspects. More color combinations are used to make it beautiful and some people attach a gold lock and gold beads when they knit the cord and wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Realgar wine

Realgar wine is made from white or yellow wine and realgar ore powder. In ancient, men drank realgar wine to ward off evil spirits and kill parasites. At Dragon Boat Festival, people celebrate together and drink wine to raise the joy. However, drinking realgar wine can lead to poisoning, modern people drink white wine or red wine instead as a healthier option.

Boutique Zongzi

Zongzi was first made in memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. And it still remains a popular traditional food among Hong Kong people and often appears on the menu of canteen and restaurants. Hong Kong people carry on the tradition and take Zongzi as a main dish around and during Dragon Boat Festival. Also, the tradition of sharing Zongzi continues the spirit of sharing happiness and deliciousness.

Dragon Boat Festival Herbal Tea

The tradition of drinking herbal tea can be traced back to about 221 BC. Ancient people boil the Dragon Boat Festival herbal tea with various ingredients such as Cangshu, Chaihu, Huoxiang, Baizhi, cinnamon bark, preserved tangerine peel, malt, mulberry leaves and houttuynia cordata. This tea helps let out heat in the body and strengthen immunity. Tea is an important part of Chinese culture and it has long been considered an respectable and healthy gift. Tea is a great gift for Dragon Boat Festival, which improves digestion and appetite when we eat lots of Zongzi made from glutinous rice.

Health supplements

You may realize that many customs of Dragon Boat Festival are connected to gaining health. Dragon Boat Festival is the time when people prepare themselves for the coming hot summer. On the one hand, they take herbs and tonics to improve the constitution, and on the other hand, they take more water and replenish energy. In China, some regions refer to Dragon Boat Festival as the herb festival. During the festival, summer tonic and health supplement are given to relatives and friends as gifts when people pay a visit along with fresh fruit.

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Whom Shall we Send Gifts to at Dragon Boat Festival?

According to the custom of Dragon Boat Festival, people invite their family and friends to watch the dragon boat race. They also give Zongzi and other gifts to each other when they meet, wishing health and safety. Dragon Boat Festival is suitable for joyful celebration and there are no religious or ritual requirements bound to it. Here are some of the recipients that our guests often send gifts to during Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts for parents/elder family/friends

Every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, almost everyone send their parents, elder family and friends delicious Zongzi and gifts to bless for health and send regards. People used to make Zongzi at home but now it is convenient to buy delicious Zongzi at restaurants. More and more people order Zongzi gift hampers online, a nicely packaged hamper already includes various different items such as delicious Zongzi, fresh fruit and health supplements or drinks. With a well packaged hamper, you don’t have do shopping and packaging before you go visiting or join a party.

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts for Employees/Colleagues

The Dragon Boat Festival occurs in the middle of the year, many companies hold celebration activities and distribute benefits to employees to cheer them up. Festival business gifts not only shows care to employees, but also sends a message of its good financial situation. Colleagues can give each other gifts at Dragon Boat Festival and take this chance to express gratitude and share kindness.

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts for Business Partners

Dragon Boat Festival provides a good chance to visit your business partners. You can bring a gift hamper and visit the companies that you do business with,such as clients, suppliers, and professionals who provide external support, such as accountants, lawyers, architects, technicians and etc. Meeting with them regularly benefits communication and cooperation.

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts for Neighbors/Tutors

The kind tutors, caring neighbors and diligent property management give us a lot of help in daily life. You could thank them by sending Dragon Boat Festival gifts. Although Zongzi is not luxury gift, sharing food helps maintain the friendship.

Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi Style Introduction

Zongzi is still popular among Hong Kong people of different age and still taken as the main dish during Dragon Boat Festival at home and abroad. The tradition continues not only relying on premium traditional food provided by brand restaurants which keeps refining their products, but also the joy of taste that creative new Zongzi brings. Cafes and young generation responds actively to dessert Zongzi, establishing a new trend of eating Zongzi and giving gifts at Dragon Boat Festival. Some Zongzi makes the outside part with new ingredients, while some Zongzi refers to rice rolls and fuse with cuisines worldwide. You might be surprise there are so many types of Zongzi on the market. Well, it’s doesn’t harm to try new food once in a while.

Cross-over Zongzi

Miso ramen Zongzi, Teriyaki eel Zongzi, Korean barbecued pork Zongzi, Thai shrimp sauce Zongzi, Indian curry Zongzi, Taiwan-style Zongzi with braised meat, Zongzi with Taiwan stinky tofu, pickled pepper and beef Zongzi, Sichuan bacon& red beans Zongzi with spicy salt.

Dessert Zongzi

Zongzi with mango pomelo sago dessert stuffing, Zongzi with grapes & yogurt stuffing , Zongzi with rose and fruit and snow ear fungus, Bubble tea/Coffee stuffing Zongzi, Matcha &Red Bean Zongzi, fragrans& apple Zongzi, pineapple stuffing Zongzi, lemon stuffing Zongzi, Malaysian durian stuffing Zongzi, mango and coconut milk Zongzi.

Sweet Zongzi

Zongzi with bean paste stuffing, Zongzi with red bean, Zongzi with purple rice&red dates& taro paste stuffing, sago alkaline Zongzi.

Traditional Zongzi

Peanut and green bean Zongzi with braised pork and salted egg yolk stuffing, premium Zongzi with lobster and abalone, Zongzi with chestnut and dried prawn and scallop, Zongzi with abalone and salted egg yolk

Healthy Zongzi

Zongzi made with five grains, Vegetarian Zongzi with monkey head mushroom and red quinoa, Zongzi with plant-based meat, Zongzi with vegetarian cuisine stuffing.

Gift Card Wordings for Dragon Boat Festival

It’s usual to get stuck when writing a gift card. We lists several gift card wording for Dragon Boat Festival for both business purpose and for your family and friends. You could take a look and get inspired.

Dragon Boat Festival Gift Card Wordings for Business purpose

Happy Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you happiness, good luck and health.

Wish you and your family a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival, good health and happiness always.

Fragrance of wormwood, sticky and soft texture of the Zongzi bring the most beautiful scenery of the Dragon Boat Festival.

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you all the best and success in everything.

Dragon Boat Festival Gift Card Wordings for Friends and Relatives

May you be happy and lucky always.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! May your life be filled with happiness, great adventures and lots of fun.

The scent of Zongzi spread far away, you are always in my heart.

The yummy Zongzi represents my heart.

Fruits in season at Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is in summer and many fruits have ripen. Zongzi is mostly made of glutinous rice, eating too much of it may cause difficulty in digestion. Delicious and seasonal fruit not only pampers our taste but also promote digestion and dissolving grease. The following in season fruit you wouldn’t want to miss.




wax apple

star fruit


dragon fruit


Give Gift Boutique Dragon Boat Festival Gift Recommendations

Dragon Boat Festival

This gift hamper includes various types of items such as fresh fruits, boutique Zongzi, juice, and gift box of traditional Hong-Kong style snacks giving an abundant appearance. The gift basket is made of bamboo whose design inspiration come from the wavy sea during the Dragon Boat race. The opening rotation buckle is in the shape of an anchor, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. When you carefully twist the buckle and opening the box, you can feel the peace from old times. Snacks in the gift hamper are produced by the social enterprise Time To Gold, allowing us to celebrate festivals and enjoy delicious food while supporting the society, helping people in need. Good deeds make this gift more meaningful.