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Agnes b. Magical Romantic Wooden Rabbit, the Finest Guardians of Love

Agnes b. Magical Romantic Wooden Rabbit, the Finest Guardians of Love

by Julie
posted: 2019-01-22 10:30:00 +0800


France is not only synonymous with romance; it is also the origin of many classic fairy tales in our memory, these include "beauty and the beast", "little prince", "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty" and so on. We are all fascinated by such a wonderful world described in the fairy tales, and who doesn't want to become one of the characters…Look! A cute little rabbit appeared right before me! Where does he come from? Why, he even looks a little bit shy.

Story of agnès b. DELICES Wooden Rabbit

Lapin* Bunny is from France, he likes the color blue but he is a little bit shy, so he enjoys sitting quietly and watching you; but his shy character means that if he catches your glance he’ll blush. However, behind such a shy appearance, there lies a beautiful heart with fine qualities like kindness, courage and endurance that touch peoples’ hearts. The lovely Lapin is a smart character; he comes all the way from France to bring you a rose with a mysterious magical power.

Lapin, about me: As a guardian of love, since I was born I know exactly what my purpose is in this world - to pray for those in love and protect them on their romantic journey. Doing this I’ve learned to love others, be the guardian of love and treasure these moments forever. Oh! I also have a cute little sister she loves to wear wood-colored clothes.

Brand Story

Agnès b is not just a fashion kingdom that leads the trend of French style simplicity; it is also an innovative and unique brand that combines our founders love of life and art into each and every moment of daily life. Agnes b creates an artistic impression that is not only High Quality but also elegant, distinctive and delicate.

Specifications and details of Agnes b. Wooden Rabbit

Origin: France

Size: 12"

Material: High-quality wood

Aroma: Light woody and earthy aromas

Color: Wonderful wooden color (sister), magic blue color (brother)

Packaging: High-end exquisite agnès b. gift box

Why GGB Recommends this to You

Deep down in our heart, we all have a beautiful fairy tale dream; however, as we grow older, our innocence slowly disappears along with our dream. Therefore, when someone receives such a gift that reminds them of the innocent first love, they are sure to be touched. May this lovely magical wooden rabbit bring your beloved ones the most beautiful love ever.

Lapin means rabbit in French.




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