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Housewarming: Gift-Giving Etiquette and Ideas

Housewarming: Gift-Giving Etiquette and Ideas

posted: 2023-06-18 12:00:00 +0800

Moving into a new home or apartment is a big deal. If someone you know and love is starting their own journey, it’s always a good idea to show your support with a thoughtful housewarming gift, no matter whether they are having a housewarming party or not. In addition, if the owners don't plan to host a gathering and you are not going to stop by and see the place, you can always mail a present, although it isn't expected. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but there are some housewarming gift rules to follow. We’ve rounded up the most important rules and some ideas for housewarming gifting at a variety of price points, and you’ll finally find a gift that the new homeowner can actually get some use out of, rather than something that just clutters up their home.

Housewarming Gifts to Avoid

1. Knives and Scissors

Housewarming gifts should be practical, and you may be considering kitchen tools so that meals will be of higher quality. Although kitchen tools are one of the most popular new home gifts and knives are very commonly used in the kitchen, knives and scissors are still signs of danger and bloodshed. Knives should therefore not be included on your gift list.

2. Things with Specific Pronunciation Associated with Bad Luck

In Chinese, the clock, umbrella, fan, pear, and the number 4 are strongly reminiscent of bad things like death and parting.

3. Fragile Things

It is wise to avoid gifts that can be easily broken or cracked, as they can be considered an omen of bad luck or an incomplete household if accidentally damaged.

4. Black and White

In Chinese culture, black and white are often associated with funerals (while in Western culture, black is more commonly associated with mourning). Therefore, it is advisable to avoid gifting items in black and white, especially for newlywed couples moving into a new home. It is recommended to choose gifts in warm colors instead.

5. Candles

Chinese traditional customs use candles for sacrifices, so special attention should be paid when gifting them to elders. However, beautifully designed scented candles in vibrant colors can bring a unique fragrance to a new home, promoting relaxation, releasing tension, and aiding sleep. Moreover, since they are consumable items, there is no need to worry about hoarding. If the gift recipient is a young person, adding scented candles to your housewarming gift list would be an excellent idea.

These taboos may vary depending on personal beliefs and local customs, so it's necessary to understand the cultural background of the recipient before selecting a gift to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

The Best Housewarming Gifts

- Food Hampers

Whether welcoming your new neighbors or celebrating your best friend's first home, offering a food hamper is a thoughtful way to say congratulations. A versatile gift hamper is an ideal choice, with its elegant packaging that is both festive and classy. It contains a variety of fresh fruits, gourmet specialties from around the world, and red wine or champagne, making it perfect for sharing at a housewarming party. The specially designed "Housewarming Party Gift" series by Give Gift Boutique includes not only fine food and wine but party decorations, game sets, cocktail mixers, ice shovels, and wine barrels. These selected items provide everything the new homeowner needs for the party, satisfying their taste buds and allowing them to share beautiful moments with family and friends. Accompanied by a heartfelt greeting card, it expresses best wishes for a new beginning in their new home.

Party Housewarming Gift Hampers

- Household Appliances

If the budget allows, you may consider giving practical household appliances such as dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers to make the new home more convenient and comfortable. If the homeowner enjoys cooking, you can consider gifting them a toaster or oven, which will help them make delicious meals. Additionally, aroma diffusers, Bluetooth speakers, and coffee machines can improve their quality of life, providing leisure and relaxation while creating a comfortable and stylish ambiance in their new home. When choosing these gifts, it is advisable to take into account the homeowner's lifestyle and preferences, ensuring that the gifts truly meet their needs. Furthermore, selecting reliable brands and products is important to ensure safety and quality.

- Home Decorations

Home decorations such as paintings, figurines, and wall hangings can show the owner's personal touch and create a warm atmosphere in the new house. However, it is essential to first understand the recipient's aesthetic preferences. If possible, knowing the overall layout and design of the new home would be even better, as home decor items should not only be practical and tasteful but also match the room's colors and style, or be versatile enough to complement various styles. Small decorative items are generally less likely to go wrong. If you are skilled at crafts, you can also consider creating unique handmade decorations or going to a craft workshop for production. Sending such gifts will definitely stand out, show your thoughtfulness, and ensure you do not send the same gift as everyone else.

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- Family Activities

If the new homeowner is a social butterfly who enjoys hosting parties at home or cherishes time with family, then interactive family games or activities that involve multiple participants would be a great choice. Gifts like board games, card games, puzzles, and movie nights can create beautiful memories with loved ones and strengthen bonds with children while promoting their concentration and thinking. And if the new home has outdoor space, you can also consider outdoor equipment such as lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, and barbecue grills to enhance outdoor leisure time at home.

- Flowers and Green Plants

Presenting fresh flowers or green plants can create a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere in a new home. Especially, many green plants on the market can absorb and purify harmful substances from the air, thus making them ideal for newly renovated homes. Examples include ivy, Scindapsus, and white palm, which improve indoor air quality. Also, flowers like daffodils, orchids, and osmanthus provide a pleasant fragrance, bring vitality, and add aesthetic appeal to rooms.