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Finding The Perfect Gift - Part 5 - The Giver’s motives

Finding The Perfect Gift - Part 5 - The Giver’s motives

posted: 2019-02-28 17:30:00 +0800

Welcome to the final part of our Finding the Perfect Gift Series. Like we said in part 1, finding that perfect gift can be hard, but the joy on our friends face when the receive it is more than worth the hard effort! Understanding our friends or family's desire and needs can help us select the best present, and then choosing the best time to give it can add joy to the occasion. Whatever that occasion may be from Weddings to Funerals, Births to Special Occasions at Give Gift Boutique in Hong Kong we have got the products and expertise to help you find the perfect gift.


Before we finish our perfect gift series though there is one more factor to consider… Our Motives In Giving… For most people we give out of love for our friends and family, these motives are honorable but there are times we would do well to think of why are we giving a gift? All over the world while people celebrate different holidays and special occasions people may sometimes feel pressured to give a gift, even to give one beyond their means. This can create much stress. Still others may have different motives, perhaps only giving a gift to curry favour, get special treatment or perhaps get something in return!


Of course amongst our international clientele cultures and gift giving practices vary hugely, and in this blog we have no desire to comment negatively on each cultures practices. What though can we do to ensure that our gift-giving is done with good motives? An ancient proverb says “Let everything you do be done with love.” So, when trying to give the perfect gift think about the person, about why you want to give them the gift and why doing so will make them and you happy. If we then give gifts out of love we will make both the recipient and us happy. Combine this with the other factors mentioned in our previous blogs (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and you will be able to give the PERFECT GIFT.







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