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posted: 2022-04-15 11:30:00 +0800

Easter Sunday is coming soon as it always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. This Christian holiday, which will be celebrated on April 17 this year, has been regarded as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ over the years. For non-Christians, it’s the opportunity to know the mysterious culture, go shopping, and meet friends since Easter is a public holiday in Hong Kong, and some malls in HK, following the Western custom, might have special Easter sales. Therefore, Give Gift Boutique launched a brand new series of Easter gift hampers for Christians and the general public to enjoy the long-awaited weekend and have rounded up the need-to-know facts about Easter.

Easter Lily

During the Easter season, you might notice that some churches are adorned with gorgeous lilies. The Easter lilies symbolize the purity of Christ as they are considered the blood of Jesus Christ and as a sign of peace and hope.

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Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has long been a well-known and beloved symbol of the religious holiday because they also represent vitality, fertility, rebirth, and spring as in ancient European folklore, bunnies don’t close their eyes at night and have high reproduction rates in spring. Legend has it, bunnies deliver baskets with sweets, toys, and eggs hidden in houses for well-behaved children every Easter.

Easter Gift Hampers

Easter Egg

For many people, especially children, collecting, dyeing, decorating, and eating Easter eggs is the most important and fun custom on Easter, which comes from a tradition dating back thousands of years. Since the 12th Century, eggs are associated with Easter. Civilians would dye the eggs red while the rich tended to decorate them with gorgeous patterns and even with exquisite gemstones.

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Nowadays, people around the world still celebrate the religious holiday with eggs from dyed eggs to chocolate eggs to egg hunts, such as the White House Easter Egg Roll and the annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by British chocolate company Cadbury, which takes place in over 250 National Trust locations in the United Kingdom.

The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th Century and as chocolate-making techniques improved, now we have hollow eggs and bunnies that quickly became popular and remain a favourite tradition with chocolate-lovers.

Easter Gift Hampers

GGB Gift Hampers

Give Gift Boutique combined Easter Bunnies and Eggs with delicious food over the world to design the new series of Easter gift hampers, which makes them perfect to be shared with family and friends. In addition, GGB provides home delivery service throughout Hong Kong on time. Bulk orders will be delivered separately to different addresses for employees, clients, and business partners to send holiday greetings.

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