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Flower Facts: All About Peonies

Flower Facts: All About Peonies

posted: 2021-02-04 12:00:00 +0800

Voluptuous green so leisurely and tranquil

and robe of red now light, now dark

heart of the flower sadness about to break

but how could we know this from such spring colours.

- “The Red Peony” by Wang Wei

The buxom bloom of the peony has impressed flower-lovers for centuries. Its very large pastel-coloured blooms make them a flower that is hard to ignore, especially with its intoxicatingly lovely fragrance. Peonies are a spring to late summer blooming flower that has a long history in the East and the West, both rich in history and symbolism.

Peony Pronunciation


Peony Scientific Information

Peonies belong to the Paeonia genus, which is the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. The common peony or garden peony is called Paeonia Officinalis. Peonies are a perennial flower that can live for up to 100 years under the right conditions. There are around 33 different species of peonies with the Paeonia genus. The common herbaceous type can grow between 0.25–1 metres tall while some of the shrub types can grow between 0.25–3.5 metres. Peony flowers are large and either circular or orbital in shape. Peonies bloom from the spring to late summer for around 7-10 days.