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The Ultimate Gift Guide to Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Ultimate Gift Guide to Chinese Valentine’s Day

posted: 2021-07-28 15:00:00 +0800

Apart from all kinds of special anniversaries, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most important occasions for lovers of all ages. It is obvious that summer is at its full bloom now, which also means that Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching! When life gets busy, we might have neglected our other half unconsciously. Why not grab the chance to express and declare your love on Chinese Valentine’s Day by arranging surprise events as well as presents?

2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day

Get out your calendar and mark it down! This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day will be on the 14th of August! The day is approaching. Let’s hurry up to prepare for your special day!

Italy rose 99 bouquet

The Story of Chinese Valentine’s Day

Like any other festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day has its own behind story too. The most well-known tale is the love story between the heavenly weaver Zhinü and the cowherd Niulang. One day, Niulang saw the beautiful fairy and fell in love with her. The couple got married later. Yet, the emperor of heaven was furious when he found that out, he then sent minions to escort the heavenly weaver back to heaven. The emperor also blocked them from seeing each other with a Silver River, also known as the Milky Way. Meanwhile, the love between the couple moved the magpie, who later build a bridge across the Silver River, and the emperor finally agree that they can meet each other once every year on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Though this is an old-time tale, the story once again reminded us of the importance to treasure your loved ones here and now.

Valentine Bouquets

There are all types of present ideas available. Everyone might have a different preference towards the perfect gift they love, yet we believe that no one won’t be touched by a fresh flower bouquet! Especially if you are usually on the shy side and rarely tell your partner how much you love them, it would be a perfect way to express your love through the flower language hiding behind every little flower!

Apart from the classic bouquet with 99 red roses, the flower arrangement is becoming more diverse nowadays to fit every unique couple. You can also choose from flower boxes and even the evergreen eternal flowers!

Give Gift 2021 Valentine Bouquets