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HR & Administrative Work Manual: How to plan  Employee Birthday Party and Employee Birthday Gift?

HR & Administrative Work Manual: How to plan Employee Birthday Party and Employee Birthday Gift?

posted: 2023-11-30 10:30:00 +0800

The 95 and 00 generation employees consider quality and personality important, they are touched by diverse and innovative forms of company benefits. Many companies arrange employee birthday parties, hoping to create a happy and comfortable work atmosphere and enhance employee participation, enthusiasm, and their sense of belonging. We will invites HR and administrative departments to organize an exciting employee birthday party and choose the right employee birthday gifts.


Many companies explicitly list employee birthday party as an employee benefit and regularly organize celebration, but not all can achieve the expected results. Two common negative reasons come to the organizers attention: on the one hand, there are too many people. When a group of people crowd together, listen to the leader's speech and get some random food, it feels boring. On the other hand, some companies usually hold birthday parties on weekday afternoons, employees are swamped with work and can not participate, even if they participate, they still behave absent-minded. An exciting employee birthday party should include popular themes, joyful activities, suitable schedule and exquisite & thoughtful employee birthday gifts.


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Consider the Theme, Venue, and Time of an Employee Birthday party

For HR and administration, the perfect venue for an employee birthdays is the Pantry and available meeting rooms,which are near the office for easy time control,with provided illumination facility, ample space and convenience for decoration. The density of participants should be considered thoroughly regarding venue selection, so that everyone can mingle and enjoy. 7 to 9 pm after work is more pleasant for employees to engage in the employee birthday party. If employees feel interested, competitions, barbecues, hiking, physical exercise, performances and various outdoor activities can be arranged on weekends or holidays. There are still plenty of indoor activity options for the office, such as trivial and guessing games, board games, cooking biscuits and Dim sum, handicrafts of natural soap or felt, book club, travel sharing meeting, the main purpose is to encourage employees to express themselves and enhance cross-department interaction.

Holding employee birthday party once a month is the traditional schedule. However, the number of people having birthdays is not evenly distributed for each month. In those birth months with large number of people, birthday parties can be hold respectively in early, middle and late period of the month. HR can also design different birthday party themes and allow employees to sign up. Carefully settle the participant list for each birthday party and help employees who cannot attend due to work adjust to an adjacent birthday party. To actually take employee birthday party as a company benefit, it is important to ensure that employees benefit from the arrangement and every employee have the right to enjoy the benefits. While the company pursues efficiency, it also strives to seek benefits for employees, values their feelings and needs, and shares the success of the company with them.


Compile Questionnaires to Deeply Understand Employees and Group

Before organizing a birthday party, HR generally categorize employees by their birthday, age and gender. In order to maximize employees enthusiasm to engage and pick wanted gifts, hand out questionnaires to gain a deeper understanding of your employees, such as their leisure activities, interests, information attentive, preferences for outdoor or indoor activities, favorite sports, favorite food types and wish list. Encourage employee to share an important thing recently, travel plans for the near future, or if they just move in a new home. How would employees define themselves with labels, new mom? Pet fans? A gourmet? Party Queen&King, heath-care and self-disciplined, flower lovers, tea art talent? Questionnaire surveys not only help organize an enjoyable employee birthday party, but it also benefit profoundly in the companys perspective, allowing  company to understand employees' personalities, explore the hidden skills and potentials and importantly understand employees' recent status and emotions through interaction, to that it can provide timely support and help them adjust. This is where the humanistic care of a company lies.


Birthday Fancy Gift Hamper AB04


How to Choose Preferable Birthday Gifts for Employees

Every employee enjoy a little time off, giving vouchers for compensatory leave, extra half day leave, or inpunctuality exemption are thoughtful. Its also good thinking to spice up a workers routine with some excitement, such as free drinks and meal voucher, parent-child bonding park ticket, moxibustion therapy, vacations at star hotel, boxing class experience, vertical mouse for relieving finger tension, spa and massage set, ergonomic cushions, or refreshing chocolate, snacks and coffee for the afternoon, they can create comfortable and relaxing experience. Some auxiliary but practical smart home appliances, such as foldable electric steamers and footbath bucket, with timing, self-heating, temperature control and other extra function. You get everything done with just one click, bringing surprising convenience of science and technology to our life. The employee birthday party is good timing to present a special birthday gift hamper to employees who have served for five or ten years and express the companys gratitude to their contributions.


Employee Birthday Gift Arrangements Pivoting with Budget

With budget limited, try target those high-quality and practical gifts and carefully package them with delicate decorations. Even management employees will be impressed by extraordinary creativity and thoughtful move. Setting up gift draws by gift type according to the wish list may help lower the budget. You may proactively adopt a point system, where employees can get gifts right away or accumulate points for later. Extra point will be awarded to individuals who actively participate in the company's annual dinner performance and activities and who have outstanding annual performance. By carry out this system, you can increase budget for employee birthday gifts without increasing costs, allowing employees to get their desired gifts and meanwhile motivates . Wait till the actual birthday to distribute gifts and follow the birthday tradition, HR stuff also gain extra time to prepare. Just a thought, post a little birthday smile service sticker on the birthday employees' desk to encourage friendly communication.

If you really need to narrow down the budget and celebrate employees birthday by distributing relaxing tea&drinks in the afternoon, remember to prepare sufficient food, make it a set and make sure everyone on the birthday list have one. Its important that everybody gets happy.


Employee Birthday Gift Recommendations

Boost Immunity Hamper AN04

A healthy body supports satisfying work performance, sending employees this boost immunity hamper benefits both the body and mind. This gift hamper includes organic apple cider vinegar, high-quality imported honey, and vitamin C, which help improve digestion and enhance immunity and also prevent colds during seasonal changes. Healthy dried fruits and delicious cookies fuel the brain and refresh in the afternoon.



Mid-night Seduction Preserved Flower M6

Imported purple roses disperse nobility and elegance, while dark purple Hydrangea with black gift boxes adds mysterious and bewildering charm. Pine cones and various kinds of herbaceous fruits and grasses,lined with green sprout give sense of wildness and freshness of the soil and the ground, infusing the surrounding with vitality of plants and energy of blooming spring. Placing it on the desk and let it enhance your spirit,  and enjoyed the inspiration from the natural forest.



Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery Advent Calendar

12 Johnnie Walker classic mini wine waiting to be explored. The 50ml volume perfectly allows you to enjoy a little leisure drink yourself, no need to worry about unfinished wine damaged by oxygen. When you host a home party, take it to make cocktail with a fun look for your friends. Whats more, there are plenty of wind options.


Employee birthday party is an employee benefit, as well as an opportunity for employees to meet work friends and relieve stress. By sharing preferences and hobbies, it allows companies to deeply understand their employees, improve cross-departmental cooperation, and allows employees to get more engaged and express themselves freely. An actual gift rather than money, which may be durable and allows them to share the happiness with family and friends is the key attractiveness of a employee birthday party. Employees can realize the company's care and elaboration. The action of collecting employee opinions and making adjustments reflects the flexibility and human nature of company management. Employees have a pleasant mood for work and become more motivated, while harmonious company atmosphere maintains and keeps attracting excellent human resources, providing continuous development opportunity for the company.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'HR & Administrative Work Manual: How to plan Employee Birthday Party and Employee Birthday Gift?' blogpost.
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