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How to Repurpose Your Bridal Bouquet

How to Repurpose Your Bridal Bouquet

posted: 2019-07-11 14:20:00 +0800

Flowers are an essential and focal part of any wedding décor as they set the scene for each individual couple’s wedding. Flowers are a worthwhile investment for a wedding for this reason but flowers don’t last forever so what do you do with all the beautiful flower arrangements after your big day and how can you make the most of the decorative blooms? Whether it’s the decorations that you’ll have an excess of at the end of the day or the precious flower bouquet that you want to have as a memory of your day, the florists at Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong Flower Shop are sharing their flower secrets and suggestions to make the most out of your flowers and to help preserve and keep the memories of the day.

repurpose your wedding flower

Repurpose and be Charitable

Flowers are one of the bigger expenses at a wedding so here’s a way to pass on the beauty, joy, and the financial investment of your flowers on to others.

  • Use the flowers in variety of aspects of your wedding – Have pre-wedding flowers at the rehearsal? Use them again on your wedding day or as confetti. If you have archways or flower walls, use them at the reception as a photo op for your guests. Have a morning brunch planned? Bring the flowers from the wedding to decorate the table or add them to ice cubes or beverages for an added flowery touch.
  • Recycle/Donate/Repurpose – Find a hospital, nursing home, or charity to donate your flowers to. Not only is it more sustainable, the flowers have a second chance to brighten someone’s day or event in which they might not be able to enjoy flowers.
  • Use them as game prizes - If you have a few fun games at your wedding make your flowers available as some of the prizes.
  • Bouquet station – Designate someone to have a special bouquet station in which all the flowers from the wedding are taken and broken down into individual bouquets for your guests to take home as a keepsake.
  • Open seasons flowers – Let your guest have their pick of the flower decorations and centerpieces to take home after the wedding.

Get Crafty

For the flowers that meant the most to you and to your bridal party it’s worth it to look into a few ideas to preserve the flowers as keepsakes that you and your party can enjoy forever to look back on your special day.

  • Press or dry the flowers – If you put the flowers in between a book for 7-10 days or dry them upside down they can be used as a keepsake on their own. However, if you’re feeling exceptionally crafty there are many, many ideas online to turn these flowers into everything from pictures and stationary, potpourri, ornaments, perfumes, candles, drinks, cookies, necklaces, phone cases and more!
  • Send an extra special thank you note – You can craft small bouquets of dried or pressed flowers to accompany your thank you cards.

Need flowers for you big day? Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong Flower Shop has you covered for all your wedding day flower desires and needs. Contact us today to start crafting your dream wedding with flowers.

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