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Ideas for Exchanging Christmas Gifts

Ideas for Exchanging Christmas Gifts

by Julie
posted: 2018-11-08 10:40:00 +0800

The cold but sweet Christmas is around the corner, which means that Christmas gifts exchange will be coming again soon. If you have a theme for exchanging gifts, then you know what sorts of gifts to buy; but if you don’t have a clue, then you need someone or something to inspire you to get the right gifts. Many people don't know what to buy for the exchange of Christmas gifts every year, in order to help you find the best gift, Give Gift Bouquet Florist have listed some practical Christmas exchange gift ideas for you.

Firstly, choose gifts according to the gift recipient

If the recipient of the exchange gifts is a woman, you may send her a Gourmet Food Hamper so that she can enjoy the food and be happy.

If the recipient of Christmas gifts exchange is a man, you may send him a stylish watch to express your heartfelt emotion, because the exquisite watch matches the detail-oriented man. Red wine and champagne are also the nice Christmas gifts for men. If the gift recipient is a businessman, sending a delicate relax gift is a good way to ease his daily work pressure and help him enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

If the recipient of Christmas gifts exchange is the elderly member of the family, you may give him or her a box of Ceylon black tea to express the thoughtfulness and kindness from the younger generation; while drinking the cup of aromatic tea, the older ones are enjoying the leisure time as well.

Wine n Food Hamper - Tea Hamper A3 - TN0413A1 Photo

If the recipient of Christmas gifts exchange is a child, you may give him or her cute Teddy Bear gift because it is a gift that almost all children would love.

Teddy Bear n Doll - JellyCat Lost & Found Friends Dorothy Duck - L178384 Photo

Secondly, if you are unsure about the recipient of the gift exchange, you might want to send a common gift within your budget

If the Christmas gift exchange activity is organized by the company, people may draw lots to decide which gift goes to which person, so the choice of gift shall not be too feminine or masculine, and this gift is best to be of some use for everyone, even if the gift has no practical value, it should have sentimental value. On top of that, as most of us need to send many Christmas gifts on the festival, we might want to limit our expense within a certain budget. For exchange gifts within 200 HKD and under 300 HKD, you can choose some pretty yet practical daily necessities. In exchange for gifts within 500 HKD, you can choose the one-piece gift from the famous brand. Exchanging gifts for 800 HKD, you can consider a gift basket or gift hamper. Exchanging gifts for 1000 HKD, you can consider adding several valuable gifts and send them out together.

Of course, what people care about is not just the price of the Christmas gifts; they care more about whether the gift is chosen with heart. As long as we carefully select the Christmas exchange gifts, our friends and family will appreciate the effort we have put into it.




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