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Top 5 Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts Recommendations

Top 5 Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts Recommendations

by Julie
posted: 2018-08-09 14:00:00 +0800

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Guides

One of the most traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival is eating mooncakes. Although mooncakes are delicious, eating too many may cause sore throat or indigestion problems. If you plan to send gifts to somebody during Mid-Autumn Festival season, you can choose different types of festive gifts with or without the mooncake. In fact, Mid-Autumn Festival is really a good time for gifts giving; it’s especially a great time to show your care and concern for your family as well as a perfect timing for sending corporate gifts to the business partners or boss. How to improve the relationship with your clients and colleagues? Sending the Mid-Autumn Festival commercial gift baskets are the key to success.

 Disintegrating greasy: Fruits

 The best partner of mooncakes: Tea

 The gourmet food experience of Mid-Autumn Festival: Pineapple Shortcakes

 Best Gifts for Elderly: Essence of Chicken

 Decent Gifts: Abalone

1. The high-quality imported fruits

Order Luxury Fruit Hamper, 13 types of fruits, including(about 20-26 pcs)(about 7KG/16LB)

Japanese Strawberry / Gift Box level Japanese or Korean fruit

greenhouse melon

Kirin fruits


Sugar apple

blueberries/imported box of fruit

grapes/imported box of fruit

Japanese apple

mini kiwi fruits

Japanese persimmon

mango /Star Fruit

Man-made leather cylindrical/rectanglar gift box with cover (red/deep brown)

Besides eating mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival, fresh fruits are also one of the essential elements in the celebration of MAF. Many people like to have some fresh fruits after dinner; as fresh fruits are the natural dessert, they are full of nutrition that can make people healthy and happy. The variety of fresh fruits in the MAF gift basket is suitable for people of all ages. For those who had a lot of mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival, having some fresh fruits can help with the digestion system with their rich dietary fiber and vitamin C.

2. French Tea Gift Tins

Terre d'Oc organic discovery tea set includes all 12 classic tea flavors, from white and green teas to black teas.

When people have mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival, they usually go with a cup of English black tea or Pu Erh tea. This time, Give Gift Boutique flower shop introduces to you the French terre d'Oc organic tea gift set, and you could try twelve different organic teas from 12 different countries at the same time. The tea gift box is exquisitely packaged, which is really suitable for MAF gifting or as self-rewarding gift.

3. Kee Wah Bakery Pineapple Shortcakes

Hong Kong Kee Wah Bakery Pineapple Shortcakes Gift Pack 9pieces (4 Different Taste Pineapple Shortcake)

Kee Wah Bakery has been sticking to its high level of craftsmanship and remains the best authentic Hong Kong flavor since its first establishment in 1938.The Hong Kong-style pineapple is sweet and not greasy; with the golden paste and soft pineapple stuffing inside, this HK style dessert gift is irresistible. Sending mooncake gifts to friends or relatives in Mid-Autumn Festival might be a bit boring, why not choose a box of delicate Pineapple Shortcakes to make your MAF gifts stand out.

4. Essence of Chicken

Wai Yuen Tong Essence of Chicken

As the younger generation of the family, we need to learn to be good to our elderly members of the family instead of being selfish and only care about ourselves. It is especially important on various festivals. In terms of gift giving to the elderly, dietary supplement is one of the best gifts. The Wai Yuen Tong essence of chicken adds the elements of Cordyceps and ginseng which make it more nutritious and healthy. The high quality chicken extract has the effect of replenishing vitality and strengthening the body. This special health gift is perfect to show your love to the elderly members of the family.

5. Expensive abalone gift

NOURISH RICHE superior abalone in jar (5pcs)

Abalone is one of the most valuable seafood. It ranks first in the four traditional Chinese cuisines, which are “Abalone; Sea cucumber; Shark fin and Fish maw”. Abalone is also known as the soft gold in the ocean. Abalone is rich in protein and low in fat, full of nutrition and taste delicious. The packaging of this abalone is very innovative and eye-catching. The abalone tastes fresh with strong flavor- certainly a supreme Mid-autumn Festival seafood gift.

The above are the lists of the top 5 MAF gifts selected by GGB. We hope this gift guide can help those who want to send gifts on Mid-autumn Day.

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