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Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake-The Mooncake Fever in Hong Kong

Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake-The Mooncake Fever in Hong Kong

by Julie
posted: 2018-08-22 15:40:00 +0800

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, have you already bought your favorite mooncake gifts? Speaking of the most popular mooncake brands in Hong Kong, Give Gift Boutique has to mention the award-wining Hong Kong Maxim’s Mooncakes. This brand has set a record of the best-selling MAF mooncake in Hong Kong for 19 consecutive years. Each year, people have to stand in a long queue or run to different Maxim’s cake shops just to get a box of their favorite Maxim’s Mooncakes. Worse still, the mooncake ticket scalping activities make it difficult for people to buy the mooncake gift at a usual price; they have to pay a high price for it. Therefore, with all the difficulties and inconvenience, it’s best to order the mooncake gifts in advance. If you just remember to send mooncake gifts to friends or family a few days before the Mid-autumn Festival, it will be too late to get a box of Maxim’s Mooncakes as it’s truly the King of sales and they sold out fast.

Last time, Give Gift Boutique talked about the egg custard mooncakes from the Peninsula Hotel with our readers. And this time, we will discuss the iconic mooncake from theMaxim brand -- Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake. People have been in love with the Lava Custard Mooncake since it’s first launched in Hong Kong market. The "Lava Custard Mooncake fever" started from Maxim’s also caused other bakery shops to follow the trend of making custard mooncakes, so it’s not difficult for us to imagine how popular and influential the Maxim’s custard mooncake is to other brands in Hong Kong.

If you are thinking of trying the Lava Custard mooncake gift collections, Give Gift Boutique gift shop suggests you to choose Maxim's custard mooncakes for a try. These mooncakes are made with the unique "double baking" technique. When you open the mooncake gift box, you can smell the aromatic custard right away; when you take a bite, the soft lava custard came out like the stream of water that flows in your mouth, which gives you an unforgettable experience and tickle your taste bud.

Made in Hong Kong and the quality is guaranteed.

The packaging of Hong Kong Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake is delicate; the soft white colored gift box with the exclusive gold foil fonts make the Maxim’s Mooncake a stylish gift-giving idea.

The Maxim Lava Custard Mooncake is relatively small in size; so it is suitable for the elderly members of the family and children to eat during Mid-autumn Festival as the mini mooncakes won’t cause digestion problem if you eat a few. Before eating, put the custard mooncake in the microwave for 3 to 5 seconds; take it out and the warm custard mooncake will surprise you with its beautiful and smooth custard inside. If you have the mooncake with English black tea or some fresh fruits, you will enjoy it more.

HK Give Gift Boutique is ready to accept Mid-autumn Festival gift basket orders. The food gift hamper collections with Maxim mooncake and other imported Japanese fruits are the great gift ideas as MAF gifts. Whether you send the gift hampers on Mid-autumn Day to friends, family or as a reward for yourself, it is a delicious treat that you don’t want to miss.

GGB Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift basket recommendation 1:

Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake basket P34

Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake (8pcs)

Mid Autumn Fruit Collection(about 14-18pcs)(weight about 8KG/18LB)

Colombia Golden Kirin Fruit

Korean Green House Muskmelon

Grapes/ imported fruit in box

Columbia golden berry in box/ other fruit in box

Kiwi fruit



Fuji apple

Orange/ grapefruit


Specialized picnic style gift Basket (style may vary)

GGB Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift basket recommendation 2 :

Mid-Autumn Panorama Maxim Moon Cake Fruits Gift Box M36

Japan Shinshu area kyoho juice/ Japanese White Peach Juice

Maxim's Lava Custard Mooncake (8pcs)

Mid-Autumn Fruit Collection(about 8pcs)(weight about 3KG/7LB)

Japanese peach X2

Japanese golden peach X2

Japanese Aomori Apple

Japanese Orin Apple

Japanese crystal pear

Korean crystal pear

PANORAMA premium fruit designer aquamarine wooden gift cabinet basket (the style may vary)

All Maxim Mooncakes have been changed with the latest packaging.



For more information about Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Hampers/Gift Baskets, please visit Give Gift Boutique’s official website.

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