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Gift Selection Tips & Gift Recommendations

Gift Selection Tips & Gift Recommendations

by Wendy
posted: 2020-06-23 16:00:00 +0800

Have you ever felt at the end of your wits when you try to give a special gift to a special person, but you can't think of what to give, or when you're too uncertain about gift choices, because you care so much about the person you're going to give? Almost everyone has come across something like that. I've come up with a neat solution to that kind of embarrassment. Usually we give gifts to special people on a holiday or an anniversary, so if you're not sure they're going to love your gift, you can try to make it safer by giving something that matches the occasion or anniversary.


1.Holiday gifts

Every festival has traditional customs, so gifts with traditional elements should be chosen for the festival.For example, you can fix your selection on the traditional Zongzi for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, but you can make a special point in the packaging-if you send ordinary friends, you can choose the popular packaging with a strong festival atmosphere, or if you send good friends or your partner, you can do it yourself with unique packaging, also attached with handwritten greeting cards or some other small gifts. The same applies to holidays like Christmas and New Year: choose the traditional gifts to be given for the holiday, pick out the festive wrappings and consider adding a personal touch as needed.


Recommended gifts: seasonal gifts such as Zongzi (Dragon Boat Festival), mooncake & fruit hamper (Mid-Autumn Festival), Christmas hampers with a Christmas feel (Christmas)

Taboo: pay attention to homophony, number, color and other taboos

Christmas gift


2.Business gifts


High-quality, well-packaged gifts are the best choice for business gifts.Since business people tend to look presentable, it's better to choose gifts that are exquisitely packed or pleasing to the eye, and the portability of the gift is also important to businessmen. Additionally, if it is a suitable gift for both men and women, old and young, then the gift recipient may also share the gift with family members or business partners so that one gift can have multiple gift effect.


Luxury gourmet gift sets and champagne mix gift boxes are the first gifts that follow the above requirements that come to my mind. As these hampers or boxes typically contain wine / champagne (a must for business people), and some food items appropriate for all ages, such as high-end snacks, coffee and more.


Recommended gifts: coffee/tea/wine/champagne combo gift box

Taboo: remember to tear off the price label and do not transfer gifts